Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Halloween 2012

        I was very happy to have this Halloween off of work.  I love my job, but spending the "holiday"  with my three kiddos is much betterer for sure!  We already knew better than to attend the Trunk or Treat event at the massive Christ Is King Church.  This is a great event, but it is always way packed.  Plus going from car to car in a parking lot, does not seem much like trick or treating to me.  We also knew not to go to the event at Bellis Fair Mall.  If you have been there, you know.  

    In the morning Max, our youngest, and I set off on some trails near our house in beautiful Fairhaven.  To wear out our son and the dog.  I managed to get some neat pictures.  Although I wanted some fog filled pictures from inside the Bay View Cemetery.   What could be more Halloween-isk?  Is that even a word?  But on this day, it wasn't an option.  

The closest picture I got that day that was creepy at all. 

And his view....

Personal favorite tree in the middle of Fairhaven Park

Always more trails to explore!

Than it was time to dress up and head to Bellingham's great down town.  
I used bits and pieces of costumes, and we are still not sure what I was this year.

     MANY of the local business gave out lots of candy!   The instant winners in my book were the downtown barber shop--who gave out wrist text devices to all of the kids.  And Rocket Donuts who gave out free donuts---even for the adults!   

    One only had to look for the orange and black balloons, to receive lots of sugar!

      We than roamed the very busy and hilly streets of Fairhaven's down town.   About the time it started to get dark, and the stores were running out of candy, Washington weather returned and the rain started to dump on everyone.  


We went to Hillcrest Chapel to dry off.
They had lots of events for kids and lots of coffee and goodies for the adults. 

Part of the kids massive haul. 

    Most years my wife and I lock ourselves in the bedroom and search the candy for dangerous and or poisons.  Mainly stashing some of the best stuff for ourselves.  We should get some benefit for walking all over town with the kids.  But this year, we figured all of the candy was beyond safe.  
Except for lots of rain towards the end, it was a very nice Halloween.  I recall many freezing, snow filled Halloweens while growing up in Wyoming.  

     With many daze of no school coming up for any of us with kids----I take a minute to mention all of the craft kits that Wal- Mart has to offer.   Many are very reasonable--and most are pretty cool.  The above --- our boys and I did.  And it makes two catapults.  Complete with ammo and targets.   And lots of stickers to decorate.  But they have lots of other choices also.  

        We also got several gingerbread house kits.   Something we do every year.   I will think about listing some of our other traditions, as it actually gets closer to Christmas.  


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Super Urban Exploring & Such

     I realize it is almost Turkey Day, and I have still not posted about our great Halloween yet.  This post really is coming!  Please also check out my other --more established blog sight ---full of random rambling, coffee love, pictures, jokes, and such.  At  

                                                             Sheridan, Wyoming

    The sight includes some great exploring posts ---Great but not about Bellingham- so not on this sight.  

     Also in the works for this exploring sight----    Much about our youngest son and my running goals and exploring.  Complete with a blog co-written by him and his best buddy.   A listing of many  helpful local sights --for those that have just moved to Bellingham or are dreaming of living here soon.  I also found some older pictures, from exploring the area in the past, so I will be using many of these. Etc Etc Etc!  Please share this link, if you enjoy what you see!

This is a very old picture----But with Thanksgiving coming up, I have been counting my blessings. 
And at the top of the list ---is my great, loving family!

   Today's post starts about super urban exploring.   This is were one disappears in the gaps of woods and trees around busy areas of the city.    I do not have any pictures to go with this.  You will have to explore yourself-if you are so inclined.  I can tell you that --make shift forts and homeless tent cities are frequent in wooded areas.  I have not had a confrontation with any of the tent owners, but please tread lightly.   Much of this land is private property,  potentially adding to the fun of the trip.  Please note--I grew up in Wyoming, and am very easily entertained, so none of the following may be your idea of a great time!
       My examples today are-- 1.)  Just down from Home Depot  were the trailer park used to be.  This is a very open area, but has lots to explore.  And the area is surrounded by trees and running water.  Bring a bag or two---for recycling, because beer cans are very plentiful!  The parking lot just above this, were GI Joe's used to be, also offers some great insight.  If you are a people person.  Several people live out of there vehicles here.  Couches used to line the front of the old store.  And several recliners can be spotted in the trees surrounding the sight.  On a sunny day, it can be a very busy area, for being a closed store.  
    2.)  If you follow the mowed/blackberry bush border of Michale's  arts and craft store off of the guide, around the unloading dock, you enter some great exploring land.  
   3.)   Behind Wal-Mart there is some good exploring.   With lots of trees, and wrappers of items stolen from the store.   You might have to jump a fence to find better adventure.
   4.)  Behind the Fred Myers off Lakeway, is more wooded areas with plenty of trails.
    And lastly for today---- 
 If you park at Jack in The Box, and follow around the run off pond, there are trails all through the woods.   

    Another great way to explore around here-is to just jump a city bus and see were you end up.  Or jump off early and head up a trail.   Around Lake Whatcom is a terrific area.   If you have time to kill, head out to Blaine for some exploring around there bay and the boarder.  The bus to Lummi   also offers some great picture taking areas.   The bus system here is one of the best I have seen.  And the booklet---   lets you easily pick the right bus for your day.   The bus is also a great way to entertain your kiddos!   They will love taking the bus, even if it is just to downtown to check out the local shops and grab some coffee.   This is a quick, gas saving, cheap way to beat all the parking meters down town.   Please note---Fairhaven has NO parking meters and some great local business for sure!    
     A great game to play on the bus----  Before we got our car, my wife and I used to ride the bus a ton.   We started this "game" were we would take pictures of the most interesting, maybe strange people we saw on the bus.   To make it more interesting, we took the pictures with our cell phones, and really attempted to not let the subjects know we were taking there picture.   This allowed for more candid pictures, and kept us from getting our butts kicked, by people whose last picture was a mug shot.   At the end of the day, we would compare all the pictures we snuck, and pick the best one.  My wife almost always won this game with her pictures.   

Another great local game --my wife and I both enjoy--- involves the above huge rock.
When you are near the great city of Bellingham coming from the south,  nestled in the woods, is this huge boulder.  
It gets painted all of the time.
Above happens to promote a blog sight I visit several times a week.  
With many awesome pictures.  In fact some of my shots were fashioned after ones from this sight.  
This picture was stolen from this very sight.  But I hope that if I keep telling how much I enjoy there blog --and push viewers to it, I will be forgiven?
Anyways,  any time we head south, on the return trip, my wife tries to take a picture of this rock.
We were very positive we knew were the rock was, but it seems hidden every trip. 
Long story -short, we still have no picture of this rock.  And have drove the trip at least a dozen times now.   ;)

Another good traveling game---is to call out the licence plates you see while on the road.  
This is not a good game here---because you mostly just here 
Washington and Canada yelled out over and over!

    Lastly for today---hooray!    A local game we play with the kiddos.   At least in the Fairhaven Haggin --- they have a full sized cow and several baby pig models.   The piglets seem to roam the store  and be displayed all through the grocery store.  I don't know if they get in the way, or the workers are overly bored.   Either way, each time we visit, we see who can spot both of the lil pigs first.   



Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chuckanut Ridge

          Hello All!!   Thank you once again for being a reader of this page!   I have many ideas and new concepts for this page.  And really am working on making it a fun and informative sight for all who live in Whatcom or wish to visit the area.  Between work and three kids, my free time is almost non existent, so new posts have been forming in my head much faster than actually making it online.   Also my family and I have been having a very tough time with a little thing that usually vanishes closer to Christmas time, called customer service.  So I have been writing letters to companies and such.  More on that fun very soon, but all the bad service makes me want to bring back my concept of show casing a local business or a few of them.  I have mentioned many such business in past blog posts, and I thank each of them for going beyond what seems to be the new norm of crappy service. 
    Anyways, boring story-short, I am skipping over my post about our soggy Halloween night and exploring Chuckanut Ridge today.  Because I really want to share some of these pictures, and because I can not locate some of my Halloween pictures at the moment. ;)

      Just off of State Street.  I love this sculpture--and the views of the bay, and trails are amazing!

    I have posted about this area in past blogs.   And I always enjoy the views and hikes.  On this day I had some free time, before it got dark.  And was very surprised at how early darkness fell on me.  I am usually at work when the sun sets.  Soon I hope to re-visit the entire Chuckanut road --and have lots of pictures.  But at the moment that is on a very long to do list.  If you have any great exploring pictures you would like to share.  Or would like to view all of my pictures, thoughts, coffee love, rambling, and gain access to both of my blogs---please visit my new Facebook sight at                             Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head's Blogs Exploring Bellingham & Whatcom county

   As you zig zag up this great road, just past the flashing yellow lights for a wide curve, is a one way road that turns into a parking area.  I first stopped here to explore a little.
  You soon can hit some trails leading to Teddy Bear Cove--- a place I have before posted about.  I walked down the roadway towards Woodstock Park.  Please note: The roadway is very narrow here with limited sight distance for drivers, so keep an eye out if you choose to walk on the roadway.   Many people choose to bike this same road, so most drivers are already watching ahead. 

      Above the tree line:

As you wander--see how many islands you can spot.
I have always thought having a family picnic/camp out on one of the islands would be a great day.  And way to get away from it all for awhile.
Also see how many ships you can spot.

I think I spotted eight ships in the distance during the short time I was out.

One of the many very neat tress along the way.  
And a great place to sit and think.
Or just enjoy the view.
Just to the left---is a panoramic view of the bay.

With every step --that day--- a new picture opportunity arose.

Tracks leading into Bellingham.
Just to the left is Teddy Bear Cove
To the right--some huge houses with amazing views, and deep, sticky, smelly, black mud.
This whole area offers some great exploring and wildlife viewing.
*Again see my past posts for more information*

One more shot as I head back to the car.

I than venture up to the boat launch -just before Larabee State Park.
The park service has life vests here that you can borrow, just in case you picked up an extra boater.
Again -I was very pleased to see a full rack of life vests.   
Meaning --all borrowed, were returned for the next user!

View to the left--- towards the park. 

View to the right.

Not only was darkness rolling into the area, but also a storm was brewing.

I love how the sun rays are coming down in this picture.....

And one last shot for the day

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sun Set Favorites

       The sun is such a rare sight this time of year--I try to capture it in as many pictures as possible.  So I can enjoy the sight of it, all winter long.   I believe the best sun rise I have ever witnessed was several years ago when we still lived in Arizona.  Land of the sweating sun.  After finding out that my wife had never seen the Grand Canyon, we ditched the kiddos with Nana, and took off in the middle of the night.  I had a camper topper on the back of my pick-up, and we spent a very chilly night cuddled up to each other.  Way to early in the morning, we joined the masses- and took a short walk.  Witnessing the sun rise over this already beautiful place was beyond amazing.   I can not describe it in words or pictures.  I took some pictures, but they do not even start to give justice or credit to the sights we witnessed.   

      Because I do not function well in the morning, before many cups of coffee, most of my pictures are of sun sets!
       Today I wish to share some of my favorites.   Mostly from near the bay.  Because on a clear evening the views beat any show on television for sure!   The first few I would like to share --are not from Bellingham----for shame--I know!  But I find them very kool.   They were shot in my hometown of Sheridan, Wyoming.  For the many of you that have no clue were Wyoming is, it is the large, empty, snow-filled, square---in more ways than one, state directly below Montana.   Every one knows were Montana is!   Anyways, I recently spent some time there --- with my family.

This is actually in the town cemetery.

I was roaming around town -- taking pictures-
and got this great shot.
Very soon after, it started to pour down rain.

This one is over some random persons roof.  
It almost looks like a painting to me.

    I am thinking about posting the exploring blogs I posted on my other sight, while living in Wyoming, on this sight.   I try to deal with the ever beautiful Bellingham area, but this sight is also all about exploring.    Please let me know your thoughts on this!    Easily leave comments or check out both of my blog sights on my Facebook page.....
Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head's Blogs Exploring Bellingham & Whatcom county

And now back to Bellingham!

Blaine, Washington

Down by the board walk is the place to be --come sun set!

Plus there is a walk up coffee shop near-by.

These were shot on the 4th of July
while waiting for the fireworks to start......

Roaming around the Fairhaven Terminal


Marine Park

I love this tree!
I have so many pictures of this tree--now I just need a fall picture and a snow picture.

                                                       Next post ---- Soggy Halloween!!