Monday, August 27, 2012

Another Day In Paradise!

    Good morning all!   My other more established blog uses the above picture to introduce my "mini rants."  I do not know if anyone else enjoys them, but I find them very entertaining and calming.   Plus I get to rant without really yelling at anyone.  I have not written one for awhile.  But feel free to check them all out and leave me some feedback.
Today I use the picture to explain all of the construction going on in the Bellingham area.  It seems like every road is being worked on this summer.  And tons of new business construction is going on.  I can not begin to explain it all, just tell you if you are a driver in the area, expect delays.  

     With my many past experiences in court for traffic violations, all expensive.  I also believe that the roads in this area and Oregon, should be super smooth and great.  I alone have paid for the re-paving of most of I-5 and believe several court houses have an ashtray with a plaque with my name etched on them!  And every time I go to court, the court room is full.  You have to figure at least half of the people there will end up guilty and be paying into the court system.  Roads here are very nice compared to many places I have lived.  But I feel in that same thought wave, if we as a state legalize weed, and use even a fraction of the cash to finish fixing all of the roads that are now under construction, we could be driving on all streets of gold soon.   

     This blog sight is also greatly under construction.  I have a ton of new posts and ideas to add to the sight.  Including a whole list of web sights very useful for visitors and new residents to the area.  Of course there will many more pictures and exploring blogs.  Showing you were I explore and more of the free and reasonable types of entertainment this area has to offer.  

      I currently work at the Silver Reef Casino, and love my job.  More on that in a blog post soon. And this whole sight is under construction.  Adding to the fun and enjoyment for visitors with a major expansion.  Most of the highway is under construction when I come home late at night.   A good time to do highway work, but all of the flashing lights make it hard to decide which lane is yours some times.  

Last week my wife and I spent some quality time at the casino. 
I am in my work outfit because I was working. 
She came to work with me, and than tyred to win some money.  The key word is tried.  She usually does really well on the machines, until I sit down beside her, and than she starts to loose.  making me want to seek shelter at the bar.
Sadly I ended up working late, but we still had some time to hang out and enjoy the casino and each other. 
Working there also gains me deep discounts on motel rooms.  So some day we are going to pawn off the kids and spend the night there.  Of course I will include a blog about that. 

Us with our oldest, before we left the house. 

         Woods Coffee, a place I enjoy and have written about many a time, if for no other reason than maybe to gain some free coffee's.   Because things somehow taste better when they are free. **Please note, I have still not seen any free coffee.....-just sayin'   They are adding two new locations.  One on Lakeway.   The only protest I have to all of this is that Bellingham claims to be a mom and pop store type of town, but places like this and Starbucks are taking over while the little coffee shops fold up and close all over town.  There is not much sadder than a "coffee house closed" sign out front of a store.  I love the local coffee shops were you get much more personal service.   I wrote a whole blog awhile back about my favorite coffee shops all around Whatcom.  And have a 2nd edition in the works.  Please share with me your favorite spots to sip coffee, so I can try those places out also.   Of course I am typing the above paragraph while sitting in a Starbucks, so that kind of alters my opinions I guess.  

    A new family kid zone is now open on the Guide Meridian.   Our kids and I have not yet tested out the place, but they advertise reasonable prices and an adult zone, with coffee and free wi-fi.   After we visit, I will give some thoughts on the place.  I do hope they last, places like this do not seem to last long in Bellingham, or they last and the prices sky rocket!

In the midst of all of this construction talk.  
Please note, if you see this sign--there is a large bump coming. 
It might be a mile past the sign, but it IS coming and it will be a LARGE bump.

     I also must quickly add that I had before thought that the above sign was a joke.  But a few months back while my family was exploring, we spotted the same sign.  And it is real, for speed bumps entering the air force base.  

     We reside in the great little town of Fairhaven, so now some construction news closer to our home. 
    I talked the other day about having great donuts at Rocket Donuts downtown.  They are expanding with a 2nd location right in the heart of Fairhaven.  In a large build also including the new location for the flower store.  This construction sight takes up the surrounding sidewalk, but has many peep holes so young and old can watch what is going on.  
   Off Old Fairhaven Parkway they are building some new condos.  This is a fun sight to watch because it looks totally different every day we pass the area.  Plus many of the local residents are protesting the dig.  Because of wildlife and water runoff.   Not pictured is a large tree stump that remains, although everything around it is dug up.

   The above farmers Co-op and a tool store just opened further up the Parkway.  I was aware that it was under construction, but not that it had already opened for business.  You find this just before the entrance onto the freeway across from the AM/PM gas station.  

  Even the trails are under construction.  Friday the kiddos and I took off in the afternoon and ventured out Slater road.   I pass these trails every day on the way to work, and had been wondering were they lead.  From the road it looks like they just journey through fields.  This is partially true.  We stopped in the parking lot just before the large iron bridge.  

   Eventually we ended up in the wonderful parks in Ferndale.  I have several past blog posts about these parks.  After getting back to the car, we than cut across to Ferndale and attempted to go to the street festival.  I can not say about Saturday, when more events were hopefully going on, because we did not find a need to go back.  Friday evening was highly disappointing.  With maybe a block of activities --mostly consisting of a stage and a super large beer garden. 

                        But in today's theme will add that this playground was just added.  

On this warm day I was some what jealous that the ducks had a pool and we do not.
But when you rent, you can not just start digging!

     So last month I rambled on a little bit about a man who robbed the local Banner Bank in Fairhaven.  I still find it amazing that anyone can rob a bank and get away with it in this day and age.  And this guy got away on a bicycle.  Anyways, last Tuesday the same man hit the same bank, and again got away on a bike!   Did they not beef up security?  If you have your cash at this bank, maybe you should consider some were safer, like your bed mattress.  And all of this makes me start to really think I should buy a new bike!

                                   And now for today's picture of the day!   Wahoo!  
  I have really been into tree and cloud pictures lately.  This was shot Friday afternoon just outside our back door.  An the never ending attempt for the perfect picture, I find it amazingly calming to roam around and take pictures.  I hope you the reader enjoy my shots, even half as much as I enjoy taking them.  
      Were do you think I should explore next?  Do you have better pictures than mine?  Please share!   All comments help me improve my posts.  To my e mail   or my newest page on Facebook at    

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lyndan Fair---Y'All! 2012

   As always this was a great fair!  For such a small town- the event producers know how to cram a ton of fun into the week long experience.   Complete with some great, top of the line entertainment at the grandstands at night time.  We choose to go on Friday, and battled the heat most of the day. But when the sun started to set, it cooled off very nicely.   I think my major complaint, come night time, was how packed all of the rides were, but we went with our youngest to the Kiddie town and had time to actually enjoy the rides and each other a little bit.  The Century Wheel, shown above seems to have made its way in many of my pictures from the fair.  Actually there was two of them. I learned they were not Ferries Wheels, from my wife, who has a strong carnival background.  You can tell it is not a Ferries Wheel, because they carriages you ride in are mostly closed in.  

 Parking was fairly close, they even offered tractor rides to the main gates of the fair.  Although you might have to walk a ways, if you do not wish to pay for parking.  
         Above is just a bit of the wonderful flowers that greeted us near the entrance.  

                                           I believe this truck was around for the first fair!

    The Band of Brothers had one of the most popular spots on the mid-way.  Maybe because they were spraying down fair goers with a hose.  We made our way past them several times through the very hot day.  I went to several Band of Brothers meetings before I got my current job.  And have to say it did wanders for me and my home life.  

                                           Of course there were many animals to view!

     This calf was born earlier that same morning.  And mom was still cleaning him off.  And helping him along on his very wobbly legs.

   Possibly the best sign I found at the fair.   In the sheep pens, of course.  Proving that not all sheep are safe!   Such a baaaaad joke, I know!

     There was a whole tent of rescued birds including this proud symbol of America.

These pictures were during the goat fashion show.  Goats and owners dressed up, strutted there stuff, and won prizes. 

     Fully automated and functional tour guide robot.  Talked to any visitor brave enough to visit or ask a question.

   Temperatures set records that day.   So we had lots of liquids on hand at all times.  And than disappeared to the near by Safeway for some lunch and air conditioning.  

More cooling off time.

Self picture

    Focal point fountain near the middle of the fair grounds.  Just behind it houses some great ice cream.  Expensive but gooooood!   Although the soft ice cream was to soft in the heat to be put in cones this day ;(

A rapping Christian who had his own stage on the back of a pickup.  
Yo yo!

                                      Large elk made completely out of horse shoes.  

This ride just makes me want to ride the huge Ferries Wheel off the bay in Seattle. 
It is over 200 feet high, right on the boardwalk with enclosed, climate controlled carriages.  But more on that when we actually take the ride.

Our tax dollars at work.  Very cool Sheriff's vehicle. 
Probably bought under Home Land Security cash.

View from the top of the Century Wheel in Kiddie Land.

It was a great day as every year I have been. 
Except for some family problems near the end of the night it might have been the best fair I have been to yet.  If you made it this year, or could not---defiantly listen to the above sign and make tracks for the fair next year!

     Many many exploring blogs are in the works!   Please keep checking back and sharing this link if you like what you see.   Also contact me if you are interested in very reasonable advertising for your local business.  Large reader base can up your sales very quickly, at an amazingly small price to you.    Steven Adams---for more information. 
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    And as always

                      **Happy Trails!!**

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Giving Back --Last Weekend Look Back

    I start today's post with My Picture of the day!   This was Friday evening at the Lyndan Fair.  This was also about the time that the outside temperatures became more bearable.  Record highs over the weekend, made for some very hot fair visitors.  And the booths with fans or hoses became very popular!  Much more on the always awesome fair in an upcoming picture filled blog post.  But now a few rambling thoughts on local topics.  
         My family and I are more than ready to attend the fair in Lyndan---but fair warning, security will be "beefed up" all week.   After the shooting last year.  Profiling of sorts will be done in the name of public safety.  And people wearing gang colors, with certain tattoos, and know gang 

members will at the least be questioned.  Maybe not even let into the fair.  This makes me stop and pander what gangs are in this small town, do the rebels go cow tipping at night?  Poor cows!   *Writers note--- I come from a very small town---and caution you if you choose to go cow tipping, to make sure you are tipping a cow, not a bull.  Bulls are much quicker on the re-bound, and are fast!   Since I live on the south side, Fairhaven, all of this makes me want to yell "Yo yo!" the entire time we are at the fair.   

      Also in the local news--because of a new Facebook page mostly talking about all of the "problem" Canadian shoppers that come to Costco.  Canadians are a huge part of Bellingham's economy, and the best part about them, in my eyes--is that they speak English, Aye!   Most of them are much more friendly than Americans actually.  And as far as them not being able to drive well---most of the plates I see on cars that about run into me or run stop lights, etc around town, display Washington on them.  
     I mostly enjoy that for the most part Canadians say the same things that we do.   I have almost always worked in customer service, and when you can not understand the other person, your job becomes very hard.   We are expected to at least know some of the language when we visit other countries.   How many workers in other countries would let you basically play charades with them to figure out they want to order a Mc cheese burger?   
     When I still worked at Wally World, and still tried to give good customer service--I was stopped by an Asian lady that asked me were garden menu's were.   I started by trying to find a guide of anything edible in the home garden or outdoors in general.  45 minutes later, I discovered that she could not say manure right, and she wanted bags of cow sh*t to spread over her garden.  

  Not related to any of the above, but something I have observed while driving and mostly parking in and around Bellingham.  I realize walkers have the right away in almost all situations.  But if you are backing out of a parking space, and a walker continues to walk towards the back of your car, while you are moving in reverse, the driver should be allowed to lightly bump the walker in hopes to knock a little bit of sense into the walker.   Just sayin'   You might not agree with this, but O well!   Write me, I love comments of all kinds.

     So last weekend in an attempt to give back and teach our kids about giving and gratitude, we feed many of the city's homeless.   Many of us have way more than we really need, and it does a wonder of good to step back and see how little many of us really have.  The huge separation between the rich and the poor in this great nation.  World wide 1/3 of the population is starving.  

  We went simple on our first run---About 50 bags with hot dogs, a granola bar, and a bottled water stapled shut with a card my wife designed.  

   Each card saying---- "Thank you for helping us teach our kids about generosity.   This is a great lesson that our kids can use now and in the future.  Thank you so much for your time."

    It felt very good to give back even just a little bit, and these people that had so little, were over joyed.  Some even offered to pay us back with there food stamp cards.  One man rode up to us on his bike, asking if we were the people handing out lunches.   And hopefully it will teach the kids some great lessons along the way.   I am not writing about all of this to earn glory in your eyes, or any praise, but to maybe make you look at all the great things you have and how you could maybe share, even just a little bit.  AND because we are planning more food runs and at least once to just sit in the park below the old city hall, were we ran into the most homeless people, and make lunches with the hungry people and talk to them.   For this we would love some helpers.  It's not necessary, but would be more than great if you would like to donate your time with us.   Or do something similar were you live.  For more motivation, hopefully here is an article I wrote years ago, and got published in the local paper when our family lived in Kingman, Arizona.   When we lived in Arizona we used to help out all of the time, including buying sandwich materiel and going to local parks, we hope to get back in this giving/helping groove.

     This is an ed I got in the local newspaper right before Christmas. It was actually written on a bet with April, *My wife* that I could get in the paper----This was printed in two separate ones so far. I have now been homeless---- and probably could fix this one up even more.

Yes Virginia there is homeless people in Kingman!

Before explaining that first line, let me ask you to take a look at your own financial status. How many of us are not more than a paycheck or two away from being in a very sticky situation for yourself and your family? Perhaps you have a nest egg or two or have made some great choices, so that you will not need to find two cardboard refrigerator boxes and call them your new double-wide! I recently lost my job, Merry Christmas to me! I am not asking for any sympathy, it just opened my eyes to how close my family is to being in trouble.

Last time I was in town, a homeless man was hanging out in front of a coffee joint I frequent. He had no shoes on and was huddled over a warm cup of joe. What I noticed first was the way he was dressed. And sadly my thoughts went first to not helping him, because the cash would go to booze. The longer I watched him from inside the coffee joint, the more I realized he had just made a few mistakes to many. And could easily enough be myself if un employed much longer. I stepped outside and gave him what cash I could spare. Not much, but the smile and honest thanks was enough. As I sat back down, I noticed more people donate to him. A bag of food, a nice winter hat, and some more cash. What I noticed more, were the looks on 90 percent of the passers by. They looked at him in total disgust. Some seemed to have really wanted to cross the street so as not to pass to close to him.

The looks started to really disgust me. Any time of year we should give to others, or at least tolerate them, but this close to Christmas it should hit home even harder. Stop worrying about what Christmas gift is perfect for your uncle Joe, and that dude at work that just became a female. This guy on the street does not even have a place to put a Christmas tree. He would love to have even half of the "problems" you are experiencing this holiday season. I am not saying go out and help everyone. Start by focusing on what the season REALLY means to you.

This brings me to my last point. Helping others may not be your gig, it might not even be the smartest thing in the world to do. I have been taken a few times lately by people that seemed much nicer than they really were. They seemed to want a hand out, and actually wanted to bite the hand that feed them. But to steal from a movie our family just watched, changing the world, changing even your world, starts with simple random acts of kindness. ARK

     While we were in the park, I manged to get a few good pictures also.   I hope you enjoy them.

   After going home and eating our own lunches, we took a small road trip again out of the county--but highly recommended for a visit.   To the Cabela's store in Tuluip. 

  Also in the area is of course the huge casino, shopping, and a large outdoor flea market.  Unfortunatly we got into town to late in the day to hit the flea market.  Wal Mart is one of the shops we chose to visit.   And some how every time I enter the store, I dispise it more.   

   I will refrain from complaining about the store anymore---but do ask if any readers know what the above symbol stands for?  It is all over the stores and many of the products.  My friend and I have a theory involving how easy it is to turn this shape into a pentagram.   Soooo---guides the Devil to easy shopping, or just purdy?  I even have a web sight about it.   This sight makes fun of all retail, but mostly Wal Mart, mostly after "working" there for eight long years. 

    Back to the sporting goods store, that I am sure more than one wife has had to drag there husbands out of!    This is a huge store, filled with everything for play in the outdoors.  And houses animal displays throughout.   I picture the above, because it was my High School mascot, way back when, the mighty Big Horn Ram.  

                                       The best display in the store in my eyes. 

      The back of the store holds a walk through display with a cave and live fish.

    I was very worried about this bear just behind me, until I realized that the nearby moose would defend me if need be!

  The store is great to roam through and explore, but prices are a bit on the high side.  At least for us.   I did come home with a new shot glass for our collection.  Our collection that mostly collects dust, but they look snazzy!

  1.   The most impressive sight to me, was the huge section to buy guns. VERY few places in Washington still sell guns. And with all the violence in Seattle--this will only get worse. Support your right to bear arms while you still can!    There is a state map by the registers of the many states already that are wimpy.   Meaning if you reside in those states, you can not buy a gun.   One of course is California.  It seems like all of the odd laws start in CA, and eventually work there way up the coast line from Oregon to us in Washington.   No smoking, anywhere, even outside--- no plastic bags, etc etc.