Monday, May 28, 2012

Western WWU Carnival

First off on this Memorial Monday--Thank you!   Thank you for all that have served, are serving, and those that gave your lives for us and give us all of our freedoms daily!   This was a great float in the Ski to Sea parade Saturday.   More on that great weekend, in the works.   Today a little about last weekends Red Square carnival on Western campus.

      Many events were happening on this sun filled day.  And I think the parents were happiest that the sun was out!  This friendly viking was part of the welcoming committee.  Back To Bellingham was also going on, to welcome new students, returning students, and alumni alike.  

 The Race for A Cure, was also going on at the track on the other side of campus.  An all weekend event to raise cash and awareness to breast cancer.   You can just see some of the many tents just beyond this great statue on campus.    Music also continually blasted from the track, for further entertainment for all. 

  Another very welcoming sight as the day grew warmer.   As you sat on the fountains rim, the wind randomly covered you in a mist of cooling water.  Instantly frigid but wonderful at the same time. 

    The entire area is patterned with red bricks.   Weaving a wide walkway around many of the campus buildings including the gym were the Vikings get many of there wins.   Many of the bricks offer artwork.   These also lead you past many of the great sculptures with a permanent home here.  While we were at the carnival, we found a  book of all of the sculptures complete with a map to were they were all located.  I was not aware there were so many, in fact I think I counted at least 27 in the book.   So another blog post in the works is finding and getting a picture of every work of art.  This also seems like a great way to wear out the kiddos.  Although it could easily back-fire and leave me much more worn out then the kids.  
                    Follow the yellow brick road to some great adventures and sights!

     One of the many great sculptures.  This one is hidden on the ground.  Water trickles through the entire piece.   I would not have spotted the art, if we had not gotten lost during the carnivals scavenger hunt.   The hunt took us all through campus, into many of the main learning buildings, in search of passport stamps.    In the end some nice campus prizes were offered for the kids. 


Today's drink of choice.
Some how an ice cold soda just tastes better out of a glass bottle or a Styrofoam cup with crushed ice. 

Now on to the games!

For only $10.00 your child could enjoy the games all day.  And if they did the scavenger hunt, receive a kool prize.  
Prices were the same for the kids at heart.  But on this day we just watched.

This was defiantly the ride of the day.   With constant full lines.
Once strapped in you could bounce and somersault until the timer sounded.

At one point, a worker slipped a dry ice "bomb" into the fountain.
The explosion echoed off all of the buildings and certainly got the mans full attention.
He soon got more attention than he wanted, as campus security was not aware of his crowd drawer for his next "trick."

In these post 911 days, something like this could cause much more panic than planned for.
And although it was not the concept at all, made me think how
easily we could all meet the end of days.   
No one saw the man slip the pop bottle bomb into the fountain.  But everyone heard the explosion.
This was his segway into blowing up another bottle  weighted down in a large bucket of water. 
Quite a sight, as the water gushed high in the air!

Several bands also performed through the day.  
This was a great, very affordable way to spend the day.

One of the concept cars also on display.

  I can not forget the seal life petting zoo.  They had some of the largest star fish I have ever seen on display.

Lastly this shot of the sky.  As in many cases it was much more magnificent in person.  
But the clouds were beyond fun to enjoy.   

As always I hope you enjoyed this post even half as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Please also check out my more established blog series at


**Happy Trails!**

Sunday, May 27, 2012

**Mini Rant #14---Right!?**

       We have been enjoying the suns return over the last few weekends, and my new posts have been suffering.  I have many picture filled exploring blogs in the works.  Including several around Western Campus, this weekends Ski to Sea, and the Big Rock Garden Park.  Please feel free to add any of your exploring stories or pictures to my Facebook page.  I will give you full credit for anything of yours that makes it in my blog.  Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head's Blogs Exploring Bellingham & Whatcom county    or roam around my first sight ----were this post came from!

   And with Friday comes my "mini rant!"  Today it really is a short one.   Two things first.  I wish to post one of my favorite mini rants, so far.   Mostly because I really enjoy coffee.  And don't enjoy people that keep me from my morning brew.

     This is a combination of two of my "mini rants" past.  On Fridays, I try to pick a topic that is really annoying me, and objectively complain about it.  I have found this a very effective stress reliever.  And have 15 rants now.  I try to keep my blogs separate, but feel that several of these greatly apply to the Bellingham area.  And hope with more local readers, I will receive more feedback.  As always I thank all of my readers!

   If you wake up to this in the morning it is a sure fire sign --that you are going to have a bad day.  Hide under the covers for the rest of the day, or work on your Karma!   It is once again Friday, so it is again time for my "mini rant!"    This makes rant number 14.  Feel free to read them all if you are inclined.  

    Today's rant was going to be about people from the North West that wear Birkenstock and socks in the rain.  But decided that really wasn't a rant.  Although it still erks me.  And looks beyond  I will refrain from stomping on any ones feet who wears the combo, mostly because I would wear myself out.  The style void/soggy fad is as much a part of this area as rain and coffee.  Or Banana slugs.  Huge slugs that hate salt and beer.  The slugs *and Berken/sock wearers,  look amazingly fun to stomp on---they are not!   Squishing them forms a goo on the bottom of your shoe 12 times worse than any gum ever invented.  This goo remains on your shoe for exactly a week.  And never really fully washes off.  This is annoying, but still not today's rant.
    This one sticks with the exploring/walk theme I have been on lately.  When you are enjoying a trail, and someone finds the urge to yell  "right!!" when they are inches from passing you.  This is always annoying.  And usually scares the crap out of me.  Especially if I am in an extra peaceful area enjoying the sights, or simply trying to snap a picture.  When I walk by myself, I try to stay off of trails, because well trails are boring.  But when I am on a trail, I stay as far over as possible at all times.  Joggers and such find the urge to yell "Left" as they pass.   Why?  I can see you pass me.  And there is a whole trail beside me for you to pass in.  Usually it alarms me, enough that I almost jump into the joggers path.  Is this so I know what side you are coming up on, so I can suddenly jut my let out and trip your lame ass?   
      Why does this not apply were it is really needed, like in super markets and Wally World?  My goal in such evil stores, is to get  my crap and get out.   And I usually can not zip through the store because of all the obstacles.   Including, but not limited to, very large people-- dangerous electric cart drivers---and entire family's that find the urge to walk side by side by side by side by side down the isles.  At a pace one would have to draw a chalk line on the ground in front to them, to verify they are actually moving.  These great people could only take up more room in the isles by turning there cart completely sideways and than themselves laying down in the middle of the isle!  Cars also do not need to beep or yell out when they pass each other.  Because the drivers, most of the drivers, watch out for the huge balls of metal zooming around them.   Surprise--- I am aware of most of the other trail users.  Especially if you are out of shape, and breathing heavily down the trail as you jog, or venture away from your comfy couch in general.  
   The ONLY time I am on a trail and would "love" a heads up that you are rapidly ready to pass me, is when I am with our dog, Mr McMutely.  Than I can understand you, yelling and or panting out "left!" because we kind of take up the whole trail.   
     I add no pictures of Mc Mutely today because I now realize I have not asked his permission to post any images of him.  Earlier I attempted to ask, but he thought I said the W word, and started running and jumping around the house.   He was now ready for a walk!   I responded with "We will go later, and roam forever."   And he started jumping more.   I said "Wait, later!"   Why do I keep using "W" words?   And he was heading for the leash, eyes fixed on the front door.   "Wtf!  I never said the W word, and we will go later!"    More freakin "W" words!   Now I  attempt to distract Mutely with some doggy treats and try to get him to lay down.   He gulps down the snacks and remains very near the door, not even close to laying down.   "Daddy is tired, and can't take you for a Walk right .....     As Max goes nuts, I realize this time I said the W word, and there is no cure until we actually go on a walk, and get "Left!!?" yelled at us at least 22 times.

    Also some what related, but far less wordy----
    OK and now for the rant.   This one kind of ties into my last one about leash less dogs.  Mostly because all of my outings lately involve sidewalks.  The name even has the purpose of the sidewalk in it!   While I am walking on the sidewalk, I hate to have to dodge bicycles.  Especially in Fairhaven, a town I rarely have complaints about.  90% of the town  *this percentage is made up, please note* has bike trails.   Trails the city maintains very nicely, and paid thousands of dollars to put in.   With these bike lanes, I should not have to dodge bikes while on the sidewalk.  Weather I am walking our dog, or carrying groceries home.  I never know for sure if a biker is coming up behind me.  And if I do have the dog, I have to attempt to get him and myself out of the way.   Usually very quickly, and usually followed by an attitude from the biker, whose way I seem to be blocking.  I can see if the person on the bike is very little, the bike lanes are very close to traffic.  But for the rest of you, get off my 

If you feel there is any other reasons to yell "left!"-----Please share.    Or if you actually agree with any of the above rant----PLEASE contact me.  

 I have noticed a few things this week in my exploring.   There are small lean too/shelters all around town.   Many can be found in the woods around WWU.  I have posted several in past blogs.  And the following one is in Blaine, WA near the Canadian border, Aye!

 This also makes me wonder if the large structure, complete with lookout tower can be found along the bay line nearish the airport?  I have been that way, but it was years ago.  It was a sight and supposedly started in WWII.  Any readers have any knowledge?

    I have also noticed that I have an awful lot of gray hair on my head.   People that know me well, rarely see me without a hat on, now you know why.   

  During my exploring I have also noticed that there are bits or RR tracks all around town.  Tracks that are not used anymore.  But have been left, mostly intact.   I now want to film as many of these as I can find.   To be my new fascination.   Lately I take a ton of pictures of clouds, trees, and of course the water.
  These pieces are near the bay line in Fairhaven.
   This picture I have posted before.  It is one of my favorites by far.  And is Today's picture of the day.   This is hidden away in the woods between Falls Park and Lake Whatcom.   I feel it also shows most peoples future.   They are never sure what is around the next turn.  Especially if they are fool enough to make plans.  And the leap over this broken part of track could lead to great things, or a down fall.   Either track will lead to great life lessons and each piece of the track makes up a part of your past, taking you to the future.   Without all of my pieces of the past, I would not be me.   Most people would be happy with a different me I am sure.  But Faa! on them.    
Why yes officer, it is hands free!  

Yet another bad thing to say to the police.  My all time worse was still asking the motorcycle cop that just pulled me over for not wearing a seat belt.  Were his seat belt was. 

A very mini rant here about the above.

I know all kinds of people that abuse the system. Something about living in housing, gets you surrounded by some of the worst abusers around.   This only takes away from people that really need it.  Because we can't provide for all of the abusers, things like food stamps are getting imposable to get, no matter how sad your sob story is.  Even if you are calling in your sob story on a new IPhone. 
When I first moved to Wyoming, I was overly poor.  I soon landed a job and was living in a not cheap motel.  I was getting paid $2.25 an hour.  Because I was a server, and living in a tourist trap of a town, I got tons of over time with the arrival of summer.   With all that over time, the state told me I would lose my food stamps.  Yes I was making awesome tip cash, but even with mucho over time, I was not making $5.00 an hour.  
    Yes I chose to be a server--or it chose me. 
But I did not pick to be poor, while hundreds of people scammed the system.

Somewhat on the same topic, but more personal:

  • **Help me ponder this:** Why do single people with jobs keep asking us for money???? At the moment I have no job, three kids, and a wife. You should be asking for budgeting/saving tips from me!
                                    I do not have the answer to any of this rambling.  But I am hoping one of my three readers might?    

Thursday, May 24, 2012

**Mini Rant #12----Pet Tails**

        I have many new ideas, concepts, and exploring adventures in the works for this blog.  Posts in the near future--feature last weekends carnival at WWU, Set up and tear down of the carnival at Bellis Fair Mall, Big Rock Garden Park, Best Coffee houses volume II, Ski to Sea, Artwork at Western, etc etc.   As always if you have any ideas were I should explore next---please contact me.  

        In my other blog series, that always needs more readers,
 on many Friday's I have what I like to call "mini rants!"  Were I vent about the thing that eerrks me the most that week.  This allows me to vent, in writing, and not actually yell at anyone.  I hope to some day-- record these in video form, and than post--but am not that high teach yet.  I have to say that the rants are a very good stress reliever for me if nothing else.  I try to keep each blog separate from each other.  But I feel that a few of these rants greatly apply to the Bellingham area.   These are things I deal with on a daily bases-- and I hope as my local readership grows, you at least think about my rambling.  And than go on with your daily life.   Please share what bugs you the most---It might become my next rant.   I have 15 "mini rants" now--- read them all!

      Today's post was first published before Easter.  And also offers a look into my other blogs rambling.  PLEASE consider the actual "mini rant" if you live in the Bellingham area or beyond.  

    Hello all!   It has been to long a time since my last blog.   There is no one to blame but myself.  To make up for this, I am going to push myself to make two great blogs today.  Or at least two blogs.  Wahoo for y'all!   Today I am also bringing back my mini rants.   They have not made an appearance since last year.   In each I pick something to vent about.  Something that is really overly annoying me that week.   I have been much calmer lately, so not everything annoys the crap outta me.  Eventually I would like to video my mini rants as blogs.   And will take input on any annoyances readers have ---turning the best ones into a mini rant of my own.  These originally and after today will be posted every Friday.   Kind of like something for you the reader to look forward too.  And something for me to look forward too.  I get to vent without venting to those around me!   I have a much better topic --but that is for next time.  Mostly because I am never positive whom reads my blogs.  And the vent should not become a topic and or argument by the subjects reading my rambling.   But before the vent, some thoughts on Easter.  

                                                            **He has risen!**

**"So with the kiddo's not here till tomorrow afternoon---we get to taste all the candy to make sure it tastes OK! Quality control ."**------This holiday was kind of ruined, by not having the kids around.  But we still managed to have a very relaxing and great day.   Plus it wasn't ruined by having to work or go to any type of retail store.   That happened the day before, Saturday.  Were I am pretty sure my wife and I decided that going to Wally World really was not worth the savings.  This and the amount of business that don't celebrate the big holidays anymore, are for another mini rant for sure.  We used to run "quality control" on the kids Halloween candy also.   The adults locking ourselves in the master bed room, going through all the candy supposedly looking for razor blades and poisoned candy.  But actually hiding the best chocolate pieces.  Because we had to walk up and down the streets with the kids also, right?

                                                                    The more you know!

  If you ask my wife real nice, she will tell you another reason to never eat Skittles again.  But this is a family blog!

    By these pictures I am in no way making fun of the true reason for Easter.  In fact my wife and I went to a great church service yesterday.  Made even better by a youngsters baptism on that day.   We had no kids for over a week, as they were visiting there dad for Spring Break.  And although it was way to quiet without them around, we had some good times.   The next few blogs will show some of our events.  Including an overly awesome trip to Seattle.

Looks like the Eater Bunny left something for the adults this year.

In case you have not noticed --gas prices are already going crazy.  But again that is yet another mini rant I am sure.  Although I heard this morning that an island off of California already has gas prices over $7.00 a gallon.  So be thankful you do not live there.  Before this entire blog turns into a rant--I offer some comedy.  It is still up for debate if these are actually funny....

**Question:  What do you call a bear with no teeth?

**Answer: A gummy bear!

                                                And now today's "mini rant!"

                                    **"Everyone Poo's!"**----OK this really isn't a quote, but a children's book that we happened to see while in Seattle.   I can say it is a read well worth picking up for the pictures!

  I believe I have mentioned some of this in a past rant, but now I have a dog that I love, and walk every day.   This rant deals with pet owners and starts with poop removal.  Picking up dog poo in parks and on trails is the law.  In YOUR own yard it is optional.   Most trails offer bags to save your hands and trash cans in case you did not bring your own bags.   Haggen bags are found in my coat every time I take our faithful mutt out.  I have forgotten to bring a clean up bag a time or two.   So am not complaining about not cleaning up random piles of stench.  But about those nim-wits that bag up there pets goo, tie them up, than leave the bags all over along the sides of the trails.   How is that helping anyone?   What happened to pack it in, pack it out?   Why would someone go to all the trouble of bagging the poo, and than leaving it on the trail for some poor trail cleaner to have to pick up.  Or for someone to step in.  OR that I have to pull away from a youngster that thinks the bags are neatly tied up toys or prizes left along the trail.   From Ranger Rick or something.   

    The above happened a few years ago.   I was out exploring with our youngest, and he saw several of the brightly colored bags and made a v-line toward one.  I saved and detoured him before he put it in his pocket, or un-wrapped it, or tried to eat it or something.  The worse area in town seems to be the trails around Barkley Village area in Bellingham.   So congrats on that, residence, I guess.   It makes me want to hide in the bushes, watch people go to all the trouble to bag up there dogs poo, and than watch them walk away.  Quickly picking up the bags and throwing them at the pet owner, laughing loudly and a little crazily, just before I run off in the other direction.  Watching the trail closely so I don't step in any other random piles of mush.

    The same parks and trails also require that you keep your pets on a leash.   There are plenty of dog parks and places you can run your pets with no leash.   We recently got our dog, and are not positive how he handles other pets.   Besides knowing for sure that he does not like cats.   Good dog on that point!  I despise having my pet on a leash, while random dogs can run up to him.  Than I get to pull my dog down the trail.  This is equally as annoying if I am enjoying the trails with no pet.   I do not enjoy your pet as much as you do, and do not want him running up to me.  Not sure if he is going to bite me, sniff me, lick me, or a mutant mixture of all three.   I also do not know how well your pet is trained.   Really train him, by keeping him on a leash like your supposed too.   

                                    Same topic --  Written on a different day:

         Bellingham has some of the nicest trails in the country.   Well maintained.  Expertly groomed.   And awesome views.   I believe my second favorite hike are was Eugene/Springfield, OR.   But you had to travel to find an ocean hike.   Well worth the trip.    
    I fully understand one needs to share all the trails.   And know that you have to share the trails less, if you hike during the middle of the week or on those trails that go straight up for miles.   One thing I hated in Oregon was very few people you meet on the trail would greet or even acknowledge your passing.  Most hikers here give a slight head nod or bobble at least.   Sharing the trails are what you put up with for living in a bigger town.  
    What I can't stand are the bikers or even joggers, that constantly yell  "Left" as they come behind you.  Unless their is a huge mud puddle, I stay as far to the right as possible all the time.  I don't care if you are passing me.   I don't need to hear each biker announce themselves.   Just keep riding.   More annoying is all the people on the trails that let their dogs roam leash less.   I do not take the trails to get my crotch sniffed.  I would ride the bus more if I enjoyed that.   You know how friendly your mutt is, but I have no clue.   And him running up to me, does not make me instantly want to pet him.  I have not had my rabies shot this year.   If I wanted to be greeted by a ton of random dogs, as apposed to many dogs I knew, I would roll around on the ground at the local pet park with hot dogs in my pockets!   All of the signs say to keep your dogs on a leash.  Some signs even have pictures for the literally challenged.   
    Most annoying is the dog owners that don't pack out their dogs poo.   I see little bundles of joy all over the trails.  Many wrapped in the bags left at the trail heads.  Wrapped up and tied and than left all over the side of the trails.  The worse are I have seen for this was the trails around Sunset and Barkley Village for some reason.   Lil bags were left everywhere.   I was on a nature walk with a 6 year old and he was ready to take the kool looking bags home with him.   I have this urge to fling the full baggies at anyone I catch ditching theirs.  
                     Their you go.   Short but to the point.   And thanks for reading. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Trail 101 Recap And New Trail Bustin'

Bellingham, WA

Bellingham, WA

Sedona, AZ


Kingman, AZ

 I did a two-fer this weeksend for exploring. Mostly because the sun was actually out! I do not have pictures of this amazing sight. Partly because I am a slacker, and partly because it took me twelve hours to decide for sure what that bright light in the sky was. Saturday was exploring around Western University, which I posted about earlier. Sunday was a brief wandering around the many trails in Chuckanuts. *Below. First I republished my own hike ranking system. I hope to use this on future hike blogs and my new blog about Whatcom if I ever get it going. Enjoy. First some random rambling.
Those of you readers that do not travel all the time, may not notice this. I travel and or move a lot. And have always thought that many types of people exists where ever you live or work. They just show up differently. As in the leader, hippie, perv, etc. I have noticed lately that I think I recognize someone, and than realize they might look very similar --but are in the wrong state. Like I would be roaming around downtown, Bellingham and out of the corner of my eye, think I recognise my mother. Sometime before I run across traffic to greet her, I realize that she lives states away in Wyoming. Maybe I am the only person this happens too.

I have been on many a great hike. And trails seem to become boring very soon after finding one. Mostly because following a trail usually means some one else has been were the trail leads. Because of this I have been on some crazy cross country hikes, that usually result in being lost for hours and seem to be mostly up hill. If any of these hikes had been filmed-I probably would be very rich right now. And 9 times out of 8, I manage to accomplish the entire trail with near perfect balance, until in the parking lot were the vehicle is parked. That could be anything from a pickup to an ambulance. Falling down in a flat parking lot is amusing but brings us to another topic all together..... Unfortunately for many city dwellers the entire planet is not yet paved for your walking enjoyment. This thought wave started years ago, in the outside plant area of an Oregon Wall-Mart. Were thinking is optional for customers and workers alike ~Always! A lady was looking at the trees for sale, and apparently fell down on a loose decorative pebble that strayed into the parking lot. No one saw the accident, but she wanted to seem very hurt because Wall Mart's pockets are thick. She limped inside with our manager, to fill out paperwork. And we, as bored workers, paid by the hour went to examine the accident area. One of my co -workers tried to re-in act and overact the scene. Resulting in him flopping around on the ground, holding his leg while I started to outline his twitching body in a chalk outline on the ground. We looked up to see the manager with the downed shopper, coming our way to take the rock in as evidence and jumped off the ground.

Sneaker waves are bad!

Bellingham, WA

I have not been on any worthy hikes lately, but hope to have many good to great ones again soon. I also hope to open another blog sight soonish. Much of it will be about the great outdoors and awesome hikes. Following is my ranking scale for how difficult a hike is.
I can not draw anything, even my cows are stick figures. So the badge or picture for each you will have to imagine from my descriptions below.

Rank 1-4 = Extra Easy Fresco Kid would rank it two thumbs down. He will be forever known as a friend that hated anything close to a hike. And is quoted as saying-- "Why go way up their, it will look the same as down here, just with being able to see the tops of trees!"
Picture--- A large Sprawl Mart parking lot

Rank 5-8 = Easy Porkchop Approved! *Largish friend of ours that went on a lot of hikes, but was known to disappear, and than be found on the trail rolled up in the fetal position* One thumb down
Picture--- Large fat man holding a hoagie, licking lips, twinkle in his eyes.

Rank 9-12 = No Bigguns!! Picture--- Bigger dude looking up the trail. Wiping forehead just from thinking about the hike.

Rank 13-15.5 = 4 X4 Zone Mostly off trail and uphill Picture-- Trail straight up with a huge X through it.

Extra supplies needed. Long trail easy to get lost area Picture--- Hungry Man box

Rank 16-19 = Y? Lost trail for hours found again than realizes been following a deer trail all day
Picture--- ???

Rank 20-22 = Like Wow Billy Goat Gump approved. This boy can run up a trail backwards while you are panting. Picture--- A billy goat placing flag at top of a mountain. On back legs, shinning gold teeth showing.

Rank 23-25 = Xtra Crazy Mark and I approved Picture--- Stick figure falling off a major cliff--spread eagle. A falling pack and gear falling just behind the hiker.

Rank 26-27 = Wha!? Special Warnings Not approved by or for anyone

Rank 28-30 = Forget it! Should give up before you try. Picture---Two hikers standing before a trail that goes straight up.

Rank 31-33 = F It! No Comment Picture--- Person in hospital bed-leg and arm in cast with only middle finger showing. Bandaged head.

Watch Feet---- Snakes/slugs/poo and or other obstacles on the trail. Picture---A large boot print in the dirt huge squisehed Bannana Slug in the middle.

Our truck is 80 miles that way, yo!

My main problem with the trail systems all through town--is how easy it is to get lost, due to interesting signage. Trails branch out, and it's not always easy to tell which way you should be going. My problem with Sundays hike, was that I do not have a vehicle and by the time I walked almost two miles to the trail head, I wasn't to eager to go a long distance more. Next time I will catch a ride, or bike to the trail heads. I left my house near 16th street in Fairhaven and followed the trail up that than banks along 24th street. From 16th,behind Fairhaven park you can easily head into the park. Turn right along Padden Creek and eventually downtown Fairhaven, the bay and beyond. Read and see about this in my Welcome to Fairhaven blog.
I went to the Left to the trail heads and kept left. Going instantly uphill. It is not real steep, but I am still getting out of the couch potato mode and soft. *Way out of shape. Continually following the Interurban Trail. To the right you soon hit some great views over the bay. And could continue on to Lerebee Park. It is another 4 miles one way to that point, so out of my hikes at the moment. You can also drop down into Teddy Bear Cove. Great along the bay walk and time to visit tide pools during low tide. From their you can easily double back to the bay parks without leaving the water. **Warning** I have mentioned this before, but fail to see it in any travel/hike guide for the area. Teddy Bear Cove is a very popular nudist sight for males in the summer time. I am not sure why, not sure I want to know why. Just fair warning!

You wander through the woods and water. Soon after this mini waterfall you hit a split in the trail.

From above the bat Caves
Going up you are about 4 miles from Lost Lake. And about 3 miles the bat caves. Mostly uphill, so the trip back is easy. But worth the views plus you can do some beginner spelunking while you are at it.

Resting point near the top

This trip I continued on the easy trail to the left. About 1.7 miles back to Fairhaven Park. I would rank this actual trail a 3.5 on my scale. Mainly because it starts out uphill. The sights get boring fast. Although the meandering creek adds to the beauty. As any trail it helps to go on a weekday, to avoid the main traffic on the trails. Each parking lot was full on this Sunday.
In parting beyond the mid day great views, you can see some amazing sunsets also. With little to upstract your views. I will soon post some of my favorites from bay side.