Friday, March 29, 2013

Barkley Village

    Like most of Bellingham, this whole area is highly under construction.  Un-like much of the town, I feel this small area deserves it's own page.  To tell of the many wanders, mostly including coffee shops of course, but also some great exploring, and shopping for those that want to shop.  Fair warning, the people seem to be a little more "uppy" and I would class many of them as Yuppies.  I have complained before about how bad the trails are in this area for people with dogs -bagging up there poo, and than leaving it all over the trails.  I feel it is just like camping, and you should pack out what you bring in to the area, and that if one is to good to pick up there own dogs poo, they should just walk there dog on there own property.  But that's just my two cents--- take it or leave it.     The above huge clock can be seen from quite a distance, and informs you, you are in Barkley Village. 


    The new, very bright signs, across the street also tell you of your location.   This posting is for the new Woods Coffee shop-  A very grand place to enjoy coffee.  But there are many choices for brew, very close.
     My wife and I stopped at the than newest coffee shop- a few months ago.  Now there newest location on Lakeway has also opened.   I have not ventured to that store yet.  You can just make out the logo on the black painted building, with the new movie house towering in the back ground.  This is a very nice coffee shop.   Right across the street you can enjoy two Starbucks.   One is in the Haggins Grogery store, so very compact.  The other is a full sized shop, with a fireplace.  Than just down the road, on Sunset Drive, is yet another Starbucks.  The small mom & pop coffee house sadly does not exsist in this end of town.  

   A huge set of parking lots sets behind the movie house and coffee shop.  Making me very sure that more buildings are coming to the area.   I was surprised at the massive amounts of security cameras -for just a parking lot though.    Past all of the pavement, a pond complete with several fountains can be enjoyed. 

    Just down the road is a bike/walker crossing or you can cross at the four way stop light. 
  This gazebo sits right beside the Haggins grocery store.  Beside this is a much smaller fountain, great for cooling off in during the summer.  On this day it was not yet turned on.   Behind the structure are many trails to be explored!   Down the slight hill to the left you soon pass these old remains of the railroad system.

                       Similar sights can be spotted all around this great town.

   From the gazebo, if you venture to the right  many trails lead one all around town.   Much of this area is wet lands and run off areas, so venturing off the trails can quickly lead to muddy/soaked feet.  

     Later that day the sun decided to make an appearance and we ventured once again down to the bay in Boulevard Park.  I have many blog posts filled with pictures from here.  Please check them all out.    I end up by the water a lot!    Here are some new pictures.

    We parked off of State Street and crossed this bridge that goes over the train tracks than down to enjoy the park and sunshine. 

Max on the look out!
    Since we are moving cross country very soon, I have been out snapping some more great shots.  I hope to find the time to categorize them all soon.   With the move will come much more exploring and pictures.    I will also start a brand new page---all about exploring Arizona.    Using many things I have learned and done wrong with this page.   It will center from our new home town, and than venture out as I have time.   Also I will be incorporating advertising and my own line of greeting cards.    Please view my past blog posts, for my best exploring pictures.   And visit my first blog sight at
I have many exploring posts on that sight too!    And please pass on the links if you enjoy what you see! 
                                                         **HAPPY TRAILS!!**