Friday, November 22, 2013

Exploring Blog Glossary Part I

            I have been talking about this post for awhile now.   And even with all the free time I have had in the last few months, have not found the ambition to actually start this.   I started my first blog near the end of 2010.  And I now have three different blog series.  Through those years I have lived in several different states and done a lot of Exploring.   I really wish, I had documented all of my trips-especially the many when I lived in Oregon state.  Not just because of the areas beauty, but because I was much younger and dumber.  Lets just say few people went on more than one Exploring hike with me!  Actually starting on it today, is mainly based on it being very Oregon like outside!  The sky is full of clouds, and wind, and large rain drops.   Much of this glossary is to help me.  In categorizing all of the travels and trips.   But I also hope it also benefits you the reader.   I say reader because there are so few of you out there!    My mindset and relationship status changed a lot from residence to residence.  And most of the newest ones include one or all of our kids and dogs.  I am not sure if this will help me find any of my pictures--if you have not seen the blogs before or my Facebook page--I have 1000's of pictures.  I would also like to hope that with each blog post and blog page--the posts got better.    Enjoy   and as always     **HAPPY TRAILS! 


       ****      Ferndale, WA
Jan 21 2011


         ****       Canada Feb 1st 2011

          ****    Fairhaven, WA  Feb 26 2011

           ****     Bellingham, WA-WWU      March 7th 2011

            ****     Fairhaven, WA   
  March 7th 2011

             ****      Bellingham, WA      March 14 2011

              ****   Bellingham,   WA   Great Falls Park   March 18th 2011

             ****     Bellingham, WA   Downtown   March 23rd 2011

             ****     Bellingham, WA bay
    March 29 2011

              ****    Bellingham,     WA bay   April 12th 2011

             ****    Sheridan, WY
     June 16 2011

             ****     Sheridan, WY
     June 17 2011

             ****   Sheridan,    WY   July 12 2012

             ****   Sheridan, WY
      July 25 2011

            ****   Sheridan, 
     WY   July 25 2011

             ****    Sheridan, WY   July 28 2011


             ****   Big Horn,
     WY   Aug 3 2011

           ****    Story, WY
     Aug 3 2011

          ****      Billings, MT   Aug 25  2011

         ****     Sheridan, WY
    Sept  20 2011


        ****   Acme, WY
   Aug 8 2011

       ****     Sheridan, WY    Feb 14 2012


     ****    Bellingham, WA   March 6 2012

                                                   More to come!!   This was only part 1

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