Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WWU Campus Artwork---III

          I fully enjoy exploring and wandering around the Western Campus for many reasons.  Including the many beautiful sights, coffee stands, good food, and it is a more than great spot to wear out the kiddos!   In fact I have posted twice about roaming around the large campus.   Last week, the boys and I set off to find all of the wonderful artwork strung across campus.  First off, just the setting of the school, offers some great pictures.   Add in the old buildings and views of the bay, and you can easily walk away with a ton of new pictures.  

     This post is all about the statues.  I believe there are 27 of them, and we saw them all.  Although I did not picture them all in this post.    Fair warning, some of the artwork is inside class rooms-- or in the library.  I also did not include the names of any artwork I pictured.   You can look this up, if you wish.  I was surprised to learn that many of the statues were donated in the 60's and 70's.  If you decide to duplicate our roaming, take comfy walking shoes.  To see them all you have to trek across all of the large campus.  
     We started our journey just off of McDonnell Road at the information building.  This stop offers free parking and most importantly a guide to all of the wonderful statues. 

 They have produced a full colorized book with all of the statues, brief history about each one, and a map so you can spot them all.   We each grabbed a book and set out.  On this day I was using a beyond great camera, I have been borrowing.  And the kids were each armed with disposable cameras.  All of us  ready to shoot some great finds!  

Holding there disposable cameras.
Our youngest was actually more excited that he found a motel room key---
He is holding it up in the above shot. 

     Plus they soon get to enjoy taking the cameras/film into a store and waiting to see what pictures they actually took for the first time.  With the availability and ease of the digital age, they have never enjoyed finally filling a roll of film, driving to the store, waiting for the film to develop.  And than seeing pictures from eight months ago and exactly twelve pictures of what looks like part of your hand, but could possibly be Bigfoot.   We will pass on this joy with the kids, as soon as we can locate the pictures again, the cameras went into the boys rooms.   And now on to some exploring!!

     This was one of our first stops.   This huge work of art is beyond kool.  And you can walk through the entire rock structure.  

Very near this spot---watch for the tunnel that takes you under the road and beyond.  
I do not have it pictured, because I could not get a shot with no students in the tunnel.

     We visited on a more than sunny day.  This has been an amazing October weather wise so far. And looking outside I am saddened to see that the grey gloom has returned, probably to stay for awhile.  On a foggy day the above appears to steam.  Offering very neat visuals.  I have found similar rock stacking all around Bellingham.  Especially near the bay.  

      Nestled between many of the buildings and near the track  is this structure.
This one is really neat.  Not only can you climb or study on it, at night the bottom is lit up, offering some beyond neat effects!

     Follow the wandering yellow brick road past some hard working and hard playing figures.

Look there is one of them now!

More interactive artwork.

This piece is tucked away but worth the effort to locate.
This view lets you enjoy the full piece.
Water trickles through the whole flat statue.

In Red Square

Our youngest found a "window!"

Of course the trees this time of year offer even more beauty than normal.

I could easily offer one of many adult jokes about this piece---but will refrain.
Please feel free to send me any off color thoughts though!
The story behind this art is very neat though.

    By the cafeteria, book store, and music hall, and possibly most importantly, coffee shops- is this huge structure.  The artist worked the crane himself to create just the right look.   Beyond this  is some of the best views of the bay around. 

Find this one behind the above buildings.  

Our youngest spotted this Woolly Mammoth sinking into the tall weeds.
I have never seen this artwork before.  

     We ventured into the wooded trails for awhile to explore and wear the kids out even more. 

As the evening progressed the clouds put on a glorious show.

The Big Chair

One last stop on the way back to the car.

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  1. Fascinating sculpture. I enjoyed your photos and description. Thanks for the recent mention of my photos.